Top 5 foods Affect Your Sleep Quality Especially #2

Do foods affect sleep quality? Are you those professional and overly active with a busy work schedule? If yes, you most likely are also experiencing trouble sleeping or insomnia. A busy work routine can lead to exhaustion and a lack of regular sleep. When your work overload, stressed and suffer from poor sleep patterns you need to examine everyday habits. One of an effective way you may start from your eating habits. Some food or drink to help you get more rest or sleep.

One of the first parts you need to review for a better night’s sleep is diet. Majority foods that contain ingredients and other genetically altered chemicals which will bring effect to your personal sleep balance. If you doubt food is a reason for not getting good sleep, then a good way to test it is to try altering your food selection for at least one to two days.

Simply keep a proper record of what you consume daily including all drinks and foods, then note any changes in your nightly sleep pattern as a direct result. Found that any food good for sleep then keep it up and altering food selection if that food not good for sleep.

List of 5 Food Affect Your Sleep Quality

Beware if you want a good night sleep. Below are the top five food issues that are known to cause problems and affect your sleep.


  1. Binge Drinking

sleepsos, best mattress, better sleep, good night sleepIt is dangerous if binge drinking alcohol. You do not get a good sleep just because you passed out from over-drinking. You need to watch the sauce if you want to have a better sleep mode. Some study shows that binge drinking is a substantial decrease the normal ability to fall asleep or immune system refreshment. In the midnight, you will go toilet often than usual if you over drinking at night.


  1. Food and drink that contains caffeine

sleepsos, sleepquality, caffeine, no coffee, best mattressIt is a good idea to limit your intake of caffeine that stimulant especially 3-5 hours before to going to sleep. You may wish to stop or reduce consume very little for a few days to test with the result it has on your sleep. As a general practice try to avoid or limit consume things like coffee, tea, soda and even chocolate while you are trying to improve your night time rest. Some people only allow to drink coffee in morning, over that morning, let said evening time, they also will suffer to get sleep at night. So you should test it out yourself to know it better. It will help you to improve your quality of sleep.


  1. Overeating

sleepsos, best mattress, best memory foam mattress, overeating affect sleep quality, food help to sleepPeople who suddenly experience sleep problems when they do not normally have any problems due to overeating especially at night. The stomach will encounter difficulty when trying to digest what a person has overeaten. Overeating for a long period of time may cause medical conditions like ulcers as it tends to change how the digestive system compensates for the overload of food. So try to avoid heavy food or buffet (eat all you can) before 4-5hours from your bedtime.


  1. Fatty Food

sleepsos, best mattress, best mattress reviews, best memory foam mattress, best air mattressToo much fatty food causes a lot of additional work for your stomach to digest and is an ordinary problem for people that do not sleep well. Help your stomach out and get more sleep by reducing fatty and overly rich food prior to bedtime.


  1. Spicy and acidic Food

sleepsos, best mattress, best mattress reviews, best air mattress, food hep for sleepThis should be a no-brainer. If you eat too much of this kind of food you should expect on a poor night of sleep. Spicy or acidic food will cause to stomach trouble, heartburn, and gas which means not only will you not get any sleep neither will other who next to you.

Start from today, avoid this kind of food or drink before you sleeping time. Have a good eating habit not only improve your quality of sleep but also your health. Beside than eating habit, you may need to know the other factor that directly affects you sleep as well.

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Top 5 foods Affect Your Sleep Quality Especially #2
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