Top 15 Critical Benefit You Don’t Know About Sleep. Especially #5

benefit of sleep, sleepsos, best mattress , best memory foam mattress, best air mattress, best mattress reviews.Lying down comfortably, falling asleep easily and sleeping through the night will make you feeling good.  It Is a lifestyle that allows you to awaken refreshed and be more effective throughout the day. This is the benefit of sleep. It improves your whole day mood significantly.

And this is only the beginning! Here are additional benefits of good sleep on your health:

Top 15 Benefit of Sleep

Benefit #1 – Relieve Stress Sleep Is A Natural Stress Reliever

Sleep allows all of your body systems — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — the time and opportunity to start repair on the damaged cells that stress may have created in your being. When you sleep, your body only can fully focus on assessment and self-healing, including creating new cells to replace damaged cells and fighting disease and infection.

Benefit #2 – Better Memory

Long-term memories are embedded in the mind during the time we sleep. During the time you are asleep, your mind stores all the information. It then organizes it for easier retrieval later on.

Benefit #3 – Maintain Body Weight

Having an adequate amount of sleep helps to maintain a healthy weight. When you are tired, your body tries to deal with this, seeking out energy in whatever ways are available. One general source of this energy is by mouth in the form of additional calories.

Benefit #4 -Better Mood

Sleep helps to improve your mood and reduce depression. Adequate sleep can help ward off serotonin shortage, which is believed to be a contributing factor in bad mood.

Benefit #5 – Enhance Life Quality

Quality sleep helps to increase your quality of life. It makes even ordinary experiences and assignment much more enjoyable.

Benefit  #6- Live Longer

Sleepless or over will indirectly affect the lifespan of someone.because it will affect our internal organ optimize the functions and affect our quality of life.

Benefit #7- Enhance Creativity

You will feel that you have many ideas or creativity after u have a good night sleep. Your brain will slow down whenever you lack of sleep.

Benefit #8- Work Performance

There are one of the ways to improve your work performance-Sleep. Some of the company encourage works to take a nap during working hours. They found that it will improve overall performance.

Benefit #9- More Attention/Focus

You can pay more attention or focus to do something. For example, kids can pay more attention to studying during class to get a better result if they sleep well every night.

Benefit #10- Accident Avoid

Lack of sleep affects driver performance on the road. Car accident cause of driver performance higher than the cause of alcohol. Longer reaction time or affect decision making because of lack of sleep.

Benefit #11- Improve Relationship

Adequate of sleep improve your relationship direct and indirect to your friend and family. You will more happy and helpful whenever you get an enough of sleep.

Benefit #12- Improve Your Immune System

They found that folk who slept less than 6 hours were almost 3 times more likely to get cold often than folk who slept 8 hours or more.

Ensuring that you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night you will see the different.

Benefit #13- Lower Risk of Heart Disease or Stroke

Sleep well and enough for at least 8 hours is lower the risk of getting the disease than those who sleep less than 7 hours.

Benefit #14- More Energy

Think that your life is a vehicle you need to fuel full tank of petrol or fully charge battery only can go further. Same as our life, we get more energy throughout the day if will ‘’fuel full’’ our sleep.

Benefit #15- Save More Money and Time

The time and money you spend at doctor will be lesser than those who sleep lesser. The key here is to get the right amount of sleep.

Most people are tempted to think of sleep as just a waste of time, please rethink again! Sleep is a time of intense productivity for the health of your body, emotions, and mind which is far from wasting your time “doing nothing”. You can louder tell yourself and other, “I do something really productive now — I’m going to sleep!”

To create any/all of these Benefits in your own life, I prompt you to get to sleep early and sleep well! When you want to be highly productive and get a LOT of done, get to sleep early and sleep well! When you wish to relieve stress and re-balance your life quality, get to sleep early and sleep well.

Last but not least, the quality of sleep depends on your mattress as well. Find out more mattresses that which suit you best.

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