About the Authors “Michael”, “Jason” and SleepSOS!

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About SleepSOS.com

SleepSOS (Solution of Sleep) is specially designed to everyone that suffer from sleeping issue and are interested in improving the sleep quality.

Do you know one in three people suffers from insomnia?

According to the survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council in 2013 – 2014, 48% of Americans don’t get enough sleep, mostly are due to stress or anxiety. On top of that, 80% of the Americans agree that lack of sleep affects daytime performance. The common aftereffect of insomnia includes fatigued, inability to focus and concentrate during the daytime, poor memory, lack of motivation and mood swing issue.

People who suffer from sleep deprivation are 27% more likely to become overweight and obese.

Besides, based on the survey result garnered by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in 2014, 30%-35% of Americans suffering from brief insomnia, 15%-20% have short term insomnia disorder and 10% are enduring from chronic insomnia. From a rare health issue to severe struggle that experienced by one in three people, insomnia is no longer new to the society.

SleepSOS is Here to Help You Sleep Better!

The main objective of SleepSOS is to help people who are experiencing insomnia and those that facing problems in getting quality sleep. Both of us used to experienced insomnia in the past too, therefore, we understand the pain that you struggling through. Thankfully, we have found useful and effective methods that improve our sleep quality and cure from insomnia. Hence, we will be sharing the tips and guides to help other people. In SleepSOS, You will be seeing posts and articles about methods and solutions to enhance bedtime quality, ways to tackle and cure insomnia, bedroom design and arrangement to cultivate your sleeping mood, tips and techniques to help you sleep better and other daily habits and lifestyle that can contribute to better sleep experience.

Who are us?

If you ever meet two guys, one tall and one short, sleeping soundly on the premium mattress display in furniture fair, don’t be surprise, is Jason and I.

Hi, I am Michael Jesse, the Co-founder of SleepSOS, which is the abbreviation of Solution of Sleep. Whilst Jason is my partner who is the another Co-founder of SleepSOS. We are both ex-insomnia sufferer and recover after attempting methods and suggestions. We knew each other in a local pub on one fine night in 2009. Is funny and coincidence that we both are struggling with insomnia and hence getting some drinks at the local pub. From there onwards, our conversation topic is mainly on ways and alternatives in improving sleep quality. We have tried and shared most of the methods that widely share around, some effective and some not so. With gratitude, we successfully found the solutions and cultivate better sleep. Till today, we hardly suffer from insomnia or face any sleeping problems. Since we successfully cure our insomnia, we are happy to share our tips and thoughts to help you live a better life; Sleep soundly and wake up energies every day.

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